4 Winning Techniques to Close Deals in Real Estate

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Close deals in Real Estate is the goal. But to close more deals you have to bring your sales skills to the table. To maximize closings, and profit, it’s important to use some finesse. Here are four overall techniques that winning real estate professionals use to increase revenue and complete more contracts without clients thinking they’re being too pushy:

Have a positive, personalized attitude

Closing a sale starts long before a customer signs a deal. The first aim of business is to build rapport with your clients, and that starts with a positive, can-do attitude. People do business with people they like and appreciate, so the first step is to build a friendly rapport. Don’t start with a sales pitch! Instead, get to know prospects on a personal level and understand their needs and wants. When you take the time to do this, your clients will be more likely to trust you and feel comfortable working with you.  

Building a rapport includes being knowledgeable and honest about the market and showing your clients that you’re excited about the property and the transaction. This will help them get excited and keep them engaged with you throughout the process, which can often be arduous for everyone. So, keep it positive and stay helpful.

Listen closely to your client’s concerns

To close deals in Real Estate, you must hear what your clients need. Ask them. Taking the time to understand their goals and worries about buying or selling does more than help you bond a relationship. Listening to your client’s concerns can help you prepare for their objections and appear more confident and knowledgeable in answering them. It will also help you narrow down the decision makers for each, so you can address the particulars to the right parties.  

Identifying pain points, such as neighborhood or industry, family or company size, preferred or undesired locations, overall income or revenue, and even information like how many cars will come and go and where each is headed will become invaluable. They’ll help you identify the right properties, head off common objections, and appeal to the people who have the biggest stakes in the decision. Listening shows them you’re on their side and working to give them a deal they can be satisfied with.

Present a compelling offer

Once you understand your client’s concerns, you can present them with an offer that will grab their attention. It should be fair, competitive, and address their specific needs. Don’t make the mistake of selling prospects on property facts. Make sure the offer explains the benefits of working with you. Show them the tangible, positive outcomes of accepting and which current issues it can fix. Depending on your understanding of their needs, you may want to create a sense of urgency for completing the offer. This can keep deals from stalling and give prospects a path to move forward.  

There’s a thin line between creating a sense of urgency and pressuring people, however, so make sure your call to urgent action offers something prospects truly need. When you get an objection, it can show your prospect wants to move forward. Try to anticipate and redress any objections you receive. Be willing to negotiate and compromise. No deal is ever perfect, so be prepared to give a little to get a little closer to your quota.

Follow up

Once you’ve presented an offer and given a few days to a week to mull it over, it’s important to follow up. It shows you’re serious about the transaction and that you’re committed to helping them reach their goals. After you’ve discussed the offer, you can even ask them when the best time for you might be to check back. If they’re still raising objections when you do, follow up on these objections immediately and see whether you can solve any problems. There are dozens of objection-specific closing techniques you can use to help them find the success you both want.  

Close deals in real estate, especially large or complex ones, take time, effort, and skill. Patience and persistence increase your chances. But if you follow these guidelines, you’ll be headed down the path of success and closing more deals sooner than you may have expected.

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Viviana Grisales

Marketing Specialist

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