New Daily Reporting Announcement

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Message from Founder:

Hello Everyone,

I hope you and your families are doing well!

I am really excited to announce a Major Update to our reporting. We have been working hard to create a brand new Client Summary Report. Our new “Client Daily Report” will replace your Weekly Report that you received on Monday mornings. This significantly improved report will provide you with a summary of activities, appointments, transfers and nurtures. We hope you agree this new report features a clean and modern look that is well organized for quick viewing.

– Ro Malik


Below are details of this new report:

  • Yesterday and Today`s Appointments split into 2 different fields in order to review yesterday`s appointments and ensure today`s appointments are not missed.
Details Provided:
  • Time: Time of Call Back (Review ISA notes to ensure not ASAP).
  • Team Member: The Agent that was assigned the appointment.
  • Lead Name, Type, Phone, Email, Criteria & Notes: Self Explanatory.
Yesterday`s Transfers:
  • Attempted: Number of Live Transfers Attempted.
  • Achieved: Number of Live Transfers Connected.
Details Provided:
  • Time: Time Transfer was Accepted.
  • Team Member: The Agent that received the transferred lead.
  • Lead Name, Type, Phone, Email, Criteria & Notes: Self Explanatory.
  • Ans: If the transfer was answered.
Yesterday`s Activities:
  • Calls/Text Messages/Emails: Number of Leads Processed in each category for that day.
  • Week-to-Date, Month-to-Date, Year-to-Date: Total Number of Appointments and Transfers.
Leads Processed:
  • The number of leads you sent us this month.
Contacts Made:
  • Actual contact by phone, text or email.
Live Transfers:
  • Successful transfers to Agents.
  • Appointments set if lead is unavailable for live transfer.
  • Appointments set after a live transfer is not answered by Agent.
Nurtures Added:
  • Leads that were contacted and qualified but not looking to transact within the next 6 months.
  • Will continue to follow up with nurtures.
Number Added Yesterday:
  • Leads that made contact yesterday, but not acting in 6 months.
Total Leads being Nurtured:
  • This is the sum of all leads currently being nurtured.
  • Not Limited to leads originating in this month.

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