How to Get Your Money’s Worth with Online Leads.

Why a CRM is important for a real estate business and how to choose the right CRM system ?Let’s talk about it.


Determining where to put your marketing dollars goes right to the core of managing your business. At Conversion Monster we are uniquely qualified to identify areas of high value when it comes to internet leads, our clients depend on it. 

A quick search online for “real estate internet leads” will pull up thousands of hits on how to obtain new leads. There are countless real estate gurus promoting the various ways to get large quantities of leads for a small investment. What these real estate advisors don’t tell you is how to maximize the value of the lead and what exactly to expect in the life-cycle of the lead.  What they leave out is that a high touch, high quality nurturing internet lead system is as important as obtaining them in the first place. In fact, with the right type of nurturing you’ll eventually be able to reduce the number of endless cold leads you are buying from the internet.

Here are the Best Ways for Nurturing Internet Leads:

·       Accept that you cannot do it all yourself.

·       Hire an inside sales agent to qualify leads and keep in touch before they are ready to act.

·       Develop a true relationship with clients.

·       Be a valued resource in the real estate industry.

·       Stay in touch after closing.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

A big mistake realtors can make is to try and do everything themselves. It is impossible to successfully complete all a realtor needs to do in one day and still get some sleep without support systems.  Buying the leads doesn’t guarantee that you are going to close deals, you must do the work.  We know it isn’t glamorous to sift through the endless haystack of unqualified leads, and the best value is to have someone besides you do it who is uniquely trained for that.

If an inside sales agent is the answer for you, you could have skilled sales professionals on the phone with your leads within 5 minutes, scrubbing and nurturing your haystack, while your focus is on dealing with qualified prospects and closing deals.

Nurture Now and Always

One of the best ways to build a strong relationship is to start adding value in the nurturing process upon contact.  Stop treating them like ‘just’ a lead and immediately make the prospect a part of your bigger community.  After all, these people have names, personalities, and needs in the home buying and selling process. Treat them like clients immediately and when they eventually are qualified, your risk of losing them is minimal.  Further, keeping the relationship after closing and cycling through them for referrals boosts your ROI without the extra spend on a new lead.   


It’s an alarming statistic to hear that 91% of real estate agents never contact clients again after closing according to The National Association of Realtors.  While it is true that you may not sell a home with that client for a while, there is still a great opportunity for referrals through these clients.  Not following up and leveraging this is leaving good money on the table.

An estimated 42% of buyers found their real estate agent through a referral from a friend or family member. Another 13% that previously bought or sold used the same agent with future transactions. That is over half of the people using some kind of referral source to find an agent.  The 33 Touch Model from Gary Keller is the perfect way to stay in touch with clients after closing. This marketing model suggests that you make 33 touches or contacts with clients every year. Touches can be something as simple as an email newsletter, a birthday card, or a direct mail postcard.

Conversion Monster

Are you caught up in the hype of generating new internet leads and have neglected your current clients? Generating new internet leads should be a part of an agent’s marketing plan. However, lead generation alone should not be the sole focus.

Try these new strategies to build an authentic relationship with clients that will yield a strong referral business. It may be time for you to reframe your approach to obtaining new business and watch what this means for you real estate business in the years to come.  Don’t miss out on the huge opportunity of nurturing your internet leads. 

Using an ISA will start, manage and continue the process of qualifying and building a relationship with that lead until they are ready to make an appointment with you.


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