Why a CRM is important for a real estate business and how to choose the right CRM system ?Let’s talk about it.


An inside sales agent is a valuable asset to all real estate agents. They assure that the internet leads you are working so hard to obtain will not be missed and turn into clients. They save agents hours of time each week which allows agents to spend that saved time and effort on showing homes and marketing themselves. An inside sales agent also provides a return on investment of at least 300% as each realtor reaps the rewards of commissions from clients who have converted leads from the ISA. After an agent has decided to use the professional services of an inside sales agency, they must decide whether to go through a lead conversion agency or hire their own inside sales agent. Here are a few of the benefits of using a Lead Conversion Agency, such as Conversion Monster, to fill all of your ISA needs.

We Source And Hire The Best Professionals

One of the biggest perks of using a Lead Conversion Agency, is that we hire and source the best professionals as inside sales agents. Conversion Monster’s inside sales agents are extensively trained in very specific effective real estate lead conversion. We know the traits that an inside sales agent must have in order to excel in sales, which can vary from being a successful agent, and we have a set of high standards for every ISA who represents Conversion Monster. Our inside sales agents are trained by the industry’s thought leaders in highly effective lead conversion.  

While we are handling the human resource aspect of hiring a team member, you are closing deals.  The consuming effort of going to job boards, interviewing and hiring is no more. Conversion Monster takes away the headache of interviewing multiple people, many who may have little experience in real estate. We also help you avoid hiring the wrong inside sales agent who could just be a waste of energy.  

 We Make It More Affordable

Another great perk of using a lead conversion agency is that it saves you a lot of money. Instead of paying a steep hourly rate, high salary or commission share for one inside sales agent, you pay for a fixed monthly package. This can save you thousands of dollars each month.

More Ways A Lead Conversion Agency Saves You Money Are:

ROI. Yielding a high return on investment- you will likely see a higher, more consistent lead conversion rate, and therefore more paying clients.

Technology.  We provide the latest technology to our ISAs giving everyone to access the information and analyze data to identify areas of high ROI giving you the knowledge on where to spend your lead generating dollars.

Effective Capital Allocation.  Applying savings to areas where money matters most, in lead generation and advertising.

We Provide Quality Assurance

When you choose a Lead Conversion Agency to get your inside sales agent, you get a set of eyes watching the progress and performance of your inside sales agent in addition to the ISA. You are assured these sales professionals are being provided with up to date training and quality control management.

There are many obligations that real estate agents face on a daily basis to keep their business operating at an optimum status. A highly skilled team of professionals will help an agent to further their success. Let us take the headaches away from you. Allow our inside sales agents to provide you with the qualified leads you need to grow your business.

Ready to scale your real estate business?

Let us show you first hand how Conversion Monster can help you scale your business.

Alicia Hupprich
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