Lead Generation Tactics for Growth in 2023

Why a CRM is important for a real estate business and how to choose the right CRM system ?Let’s talk about it.


How Real Estate Agents Are Using AI to Generate Better Leads

Lead generation tactics in real estate have changed dramatically in the past year. Back in 2022, video content and social media rose to the top of the list of most effective techniques for individual agents to generate interest among leads. And, while both are still a great way to raise awareness, today’s cutting-edge agents are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate more leads, qualify leads more effectively, and close more deals.

Here are the top emerging ways real estate agents can use, or will soon be able to rely on, AI to help with lead generation:

· Internet Data Exchange (IDX)

IDX is what enables members of a multiple listing service (MLS) to integrate real estate listings from the MLS database into their own websites. With it, agent sites can easily become fully customizable with a portal-like search experience, a companion mobile app that’s fully personalized, and pop ups that funnel customers based on behavior, and deliver them directly to the perfect point in the transaction cycle.


· Chatbots and Autoreplies

Computer programs that simulate conversation, as if they were humans, are often used on websites and social media platforms to answer questions and provide top-level information to potential clients. AI chatbots can also be used to provide 24/7 customer service, answer questions, and resolve issues. As AI helps customers, it is also gathering data on how to best help retain them and what they are likely to need next. These tools can help real estate agents provide a better experience for their clients and build stronger relationships.


· Lead Scoring

Lead scoring automatically assigns value to each name in your lead database and ranks their likelihood of becoming a customer, using standard and customized data points you ask it to seek. AI-powered lead scoring tools help identify the most qualified leads and focus efforts on those potential customers most likely to convert to actual ones.


· Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses historical data to predict future behavior. AI-powered predictive analytics tools use this information to identify the data and behavior used in Lead Scoring, making the process much more powerful and fully automatic. It

often includes invaluable intel from digital sources like industry publications, blogs, social networks and influence outlets, then analyzes huge swaths of data to make connections between it and desired behavior. These tasks would be impossible for even the most experienced agents. But, because they result in better predictions, agents can focus more attention can be focused on areas most likely to be rewarding.


· Personalization

When you know more about a lead, you can tailor marketing messages to their individual needs. AI-powered personalization tools can create made-to-order email campaigns, use social media to its full potential, and create website content that is more likely to resonate with potential clients. This makes lead-generation more qualified, and in today’s competitive market, agents who connect with potential clients on a deeper level rise above the fray.


· Social Media Management

AI can automatically generate attractive social media content easily and keep your social media updated regularly. Using it to fill your content calendar and schedule posts at the best times can drastically improve reach and boost audience engagement, generating even more leads.


Embrace the Change, Get More Leads

Video and social media left it up to the leads to act upon their interests and seek an agent’s assistance. Now, AI tools are doing the legwork and quickly finding clients who are a good match, then reaching out to them nearly-instantly with good information and good reasons to secure their business.

And, while using AI to assist in real estate is still in its early stages, it is rapidly gaining momentum. As it continues to develop, agents will have even more powerful tools at their disposal, leaving them more time to meet with clients, and better prepared for each meeting.

There are a number of lead generation software programs and AI lead generation vendors that can help you automate your lead generation process for 2023 and beyond. Agents who embrace AI will be well-positioned to succeed in the years to come.

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Viviana Grisales

Marketing Specialist

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