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The current trend amongst real estate agents is to focus on generating leads, leads, and more leads. Many have found ways to utilize the internet to generate more leads than ever before. Agents are trusting big lead generators, spending thousands of dollars each month to deliver a multitude of high-quality leads. Yet, when their sales numbers aren’t increasing, they are left to question what they’ve done wrong in the process. The truth is, your expectation might not have anything to do with your business or the real estate market. Let’s take a look at how nurturing leads can increase your return on investment.

Real Estate Lead Providers Are Catching  On

Real estate lead generators are taking advantage of the frenzy of surrounding internet leads. They see the opportunity to provide what their clients are asking for. They’ve become more adept in delivering more leads and therefore charging more for their services. The irony is they cannot deliver more return on investment by just providing and charging more for leads.  

The largest residential real estate lead generator in the world wants to send you more leads and charge you more it. They have shifted their focus and want to gain the business of big real estate teams that have a robust marketing budget.   This shift in their business plan is crowding out individual agents.  

It Is Not Enough To Capture Leads

Many agents are so focused on capturing internet leads, that they fail to see why sales are not increasing. The truth is, new leads are only the first step to a high return on investment. The most crucial part of having a qualified lead is nurturing that lead throughout the sales process. To capture the best return on that qualified lead, agents need a fail-safe nurturing plan in place.

Qualified leads need attention immediately after they inquire. They also need to follow up until they are ready to buy or sell. This is where most agents miss out. They invest heavily into acquiring the lead but do not properly nurture the lead once they have their information.

What Does This Mean For You?

The truth is that buying into the hype will not increase your return on investment. It is time that you step back and examine the whole process of acquiring new business. While working with real estate lead providers should be a part of your marketing plan, it cannot be your entire plan. Pour more time, energy and investment into nurturing your leads once they’ve been obtained. 

Don’t let the hype surrounding lead generation cause you to lose sight of what’s most important. Develop an authentic nurturing program with each qualified lead, and watch as your sales, revenue, and referral business increase. This strategy will allow you to experience sales growth.

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Alicia Hupprich
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