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The Best Way to Maximize Real Estate Internet Leads

maximize real estate internet leads

Real estate agents put a lot of time and resources into getting internet leads. However, obtaining the lead is just the first step. In order to get the full potential of each lead, it takes a lot of time and effort. Don’t let internet leads go to waste. Practice these strategies to fully maximize real estate internet leads.

Contact Within Minutes

Research has shown the sooner you contact an internet lead, the more likely you are to retain their business. Sitting on a lead for days or even hours can mean you’ll lose the lead completely. Make it a priority to contact the lead as soon as possible and establish a relationship to move forward with.

Gather Yourself Before Calling

Making quick contact with a lead is imperative, however, take a moment to gather yourself before calling. You will maximize your internet leads by taking the time to get to a quiet place and have your thoughts together before making contact.

Create an Email Drip Campaign

Realtors should keep regular contact with potential clients once the initial contact is made. A great way of maintaining contact is to set up an email drip campaign. An email drip campaign is a series of marketing emails that will be sent out at designated times to follow up with a lead after the initial contact. An email drip campaign will allow you to stay on the mind of clients, establish authority in their minds and ultimately maximize real estate internet leads.

Establish Credibility

Most real estate agents only focus on qualifying the lead make while making the contact for the first time. This is a missed opportunity. The initial conversation with a lead is a chance for a realtor to qualify themselves in the eye of the clients. Take the time to introduce yourself and allow them to realize how you can be a resource to them.

Hire an Inside Sales Agent

The most efficient way to maximize real estate internet leads is to hire an inside sales agent. These professionals are experts in the real estate industry and have years of sales experience.

An inside sales agent will:

  • Contact new leads in a timely manner.
  • Qualify leads depending on where they are in the real estate process.
  • Set up appointments for clients ready to act now.
  • Consistently follow up with leads that aren’t ready to buy or sell yet.
  • Follow up with clients after closing on homes.

Hiring an inside sales agent is by far the easiest way of maximizing internet leads. They take on the bulk of responsibility for internet leads for a minimal investment.

Keep in Contact

One of the biggest ways real estate agents neglect their leads is by losing contact after closing. Staying in touch with your clients after closing on a home assures that all of the client’s needs are addressed and it will leave a lasting impression. It is also an integral part of developing a referral business. Don’t miss this opportunity of fully taking care of clients.

Ultimately, realtors who put a lot of time and energy into sourcing internet leads want to see a high rate of lead conversion. Following the strategies listed above is a sure fire way of retaining leads, growing your real estate business and creating a lucrative referral business.

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