The Key to Engaging and Nurturing Internet Leads

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Real estate agents spend a lot of time, energy and money sourcing valuable internet leads. However, converting those leads into actual business can be a real struggle for many agents. They aren’t sure why their sales numbers aren’t increasing even after receiving more internet leads. The key to closing on more homes is all in engaging and nurturing internet leads. Read on to find out how to efficiently convert your leads into real estate deals closed.

Strategies for Engaging and Nurturing Internet Leads

Follow Up Quickly

Research has continually shown that timing is everything when it comes to converting internet leads. Leads that are not contacted within 60 minutes are leads that are lost. Consumers have the world at their fingertips and expect instant results. This kind of mentality exists across the board from online ordering to buying a home. Brian Icenhower of Icenhower Coaching and Consulting states that you should contact leads within 5 minutes to see the greatest rate of conversion. Make it a priority to contact leads within the first hour of their initial contact at the very most and you will see a substantial increase in lead conversion.

Build a Relationship

Building a relationship with lead prospects is incredibly important. Each time you are in contact with a potential client, you should be informative, professional, but most importantly, engaging. When a client gets off the phone with you, they should feel like they’ve just had a conversation with their friend that works in the real estate industry.

Here are some ways of being personable with clients:

  • Remember some of their personal interests and bring them up.
  • Remember their family member names and ask how the family is doing.
  • Ask how their life is in general and spend a couple of minutes discussing something personal to them.

Don’t be a Salesperson- Be a Resource

It can be hard to communicate with leads without going straight into sales mode. It is natural for successful agents to discuss real estate in this way. However, in the mind of the client, you should be a resource to them. You want to be personable and engaging while having the insider industry knowledge that they need. Make sure to present yourself as approachable and informative so clients will think of you first when they have a real estate question. This will make you stand out from other agents and you’ll be who they call first when they are ready to move forward. 

Stay in Contact

Many times an internet lead is created when a buyer is in the very first stages of the homebuying process. It is highly likely that a buyer will not be ready to actively look for a home or sell a home until 6-12 months after the initial contact. Consistently following up to check in on a lead will ensure that you’ll be the agent working with them when they are ready to buy or sell. 

Hire an Inside Sales Agent

It is not easy to continually engage and nurture internet leads, in fact, this can be a full-time job itself. It can seem impossible to fully engage with your leads while still managing the rest of your real estate business. However, hiring an inside sales agent will effectively nurture your internet leads and free up your time to show homes and market yourself.

Stop wasting your marketing efforts by not fully engaging with your internet leads. Practice these strategies to increase your lead conversion. Gain further success by hiring an inside sales agent to engage and nurture your real estate internet leads while you continue doing business as usual.

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Alicia Hupprich
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