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Touch Points

Conversion Monster has four major touch points to provide a seamless lead management process for real estate agents. Instant messaging, messaging leads as soon as they register. Speed to contact, high-speed technology that reverse rings to the ISA within 5 minutes or less. Vigorous follow-up, 17 attempts to contact the lead within the first ten days. Lastly, the lead life cycle. Leads are nurtured for a full 12 months and are contacted at least 75 times within that period.

Lab Coat Agents Webinar:

Command Your Conversion: Digital Experience

This webinar was hosted by the co-founders of Lab Coat Agents and Command Your Conversion, the fastest growing KW Command Group on Facebook. It's all about how top agents are leveraging KW Command, and you'll learn strategies and best practices and how it's helping us grow our businesses.

Ro Malik on Market Overdrive:

3-2-1 Marketing plan

The MOD Squad had industry expert, Ro Malik, from Chicago Homes 360! Learn about his “3-2-1 Marketing plan” which can set your property apart from the rest! Ro is dedicated to ensuring his clients have the best selling experience. Customer service and originality are key to his success.

Networking Event:

Keller Williams Family Reunion 2020

The Keller Williams Family Reunion 2020 was a Members-Only event full of networking, training, and inspiration featuring presentations from KW Executives, KWYP members, and influential KW agents.

Sponsored Networking Event:

Lead with Kindness

Conversion Monster was the Proud Sponsor for the Lead with Kindness event during Valentine's Day 2020 in Dallas. Kicking-off Keller Williams Family Reunion "Lead with Kindness" proved to be the best event to connect with like-minded agents and grow your referral database.

Inman News:

Lead management fuels discussion at ICNY

‘What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get improved’

BY CRAIG C. ROWE | January 30, 2020

RE/MAX Select President, Conversion Monster Founder and Boomtown executive come together to share best practices and concerns about agent accountability to provide leads.

Leads are big business in real estate that cost agents money at acquisition, through nurture and into conversion.

At Inman Connect New YorkRo Malik of Conversion Monster and team leader of Chicago Homes 360, BoomTown’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Shannon Williams, and RE/MAX Select President Rob Lyszczarz, discussed how the industry finds, manages and makes a return on their lead purchases.

Malik stressed that without systems and processes in place to ensure follow-up, agents won’t be successful. It was a sentiment that seemed to ring true throughout the panel.

Shannon Williams of Boomtown

But Lyszczarz stressed that speed-to-lead varies per agent and that team leaders and brokers need to find ways to improve the quality of engagement between leads and customers, something he uses BoomTown to help do.

Williams agreed.

“It’s not just the quality of the lead, it’s the quality of the conversation and the human element that really makes a difference,” she said to the ICNY crowd.

Moderator Wendy Forsythe, an industry consultant and coach, drew a line in the sand when it comes to agents and speed-to-lead, telling the panel that they’re not good at it, prompting the stage to recall their own struggles with following up.

“I needed a solution for myself,” Malik said. “I was an agent for 10 years and saw that conversion was getting that much more difficult as each year passed. Plus, you’re outside of the office all the time, how realistic is it to follow-up right away? The lead should go elsewhere first, to an ISA to be scrubbed.”

Ro Malik of Conversion Monster and Chicago Homes 360

“I think if you have that quality first engagement, you also need to have the hand-off between the first person and the agent be of equal value,” Lyszczarz said. “If there’s no synergy between parties, the consumer experience is reduced.”

As an executive in one of the industry’s most recognized lead capture and nurture tools, Williams stressed that relationships matter most, and that whatever service you use to scrub or handle initial follow-up it has to be an extension of your brand.

While Malik has found his agents average between eight and 14 months to convert, Lyszczarz warned that assuming an average time can lead to missed opportunities.

“Sometimes leads enter a pipeline late, but close within a month,” he said. In other words, not all leads are the same, and follow-up tactics have to adjust.

Robert Lyszczarz, President RE/MAX Select

The group also shared with the ICNY audience a few of the mistakes they see agents make in the lead game. All agreed that it comes down to apathy and the thinking that if one lead is missed, the next one will make up for it.

Malik said he’s seen too many agents believe that when they’re provided leads, it’s OK to not follow up on today’s because three more are coming tomorrow.

“It’s hard for them to calculate the price of that lost opportunity,” he said.

“Mistakes I’ve made is assuming that a good agent is also proficient at working online leads,” Lyszczarz said. “If you love what you do and your agents, you need to hold them accountable. What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get improved, you owe it to your agents to hold them accountable.”

Inman Connect 2020:

Cold Leads Vs. Hot Leads

RE/MAX Select President, Conversion Monster Founder and Boomtown executive come together to share best practices and concerns about agent accountability to provided leads.

New Developments:

Conversion Monster Purchases New Building Downtown

Buffalo-based Conversion Monster prepares to ‘snap the hockey stick’ after winning industry recognition 

BY Dan Miner  | December 14, 2019

Leaders of Buffalo-based Conversion Monster headed to Las Vegas this week for the futuRE conference, hosted by Keller Williams, hoping to make some good connections and tell its story.

The company ended up taking home top honors among 30 startups at an invitation-only pitch battle. The triumph netted Conversion Monster a $15,000 check, but more importantly, it will be onboarded onto the Keller Cloud, which includes a marketplace of real estate apps managed by Keller Williams and available to agents.

That serves as major validation for Conversion Monster, which uses software to manage internet-based real estate leads on behalf of agents. Conversion Monster nurtures potential customers until they’re ready to start actively buying or selling a house, then hands the process over to local agents.

The company was founded in 2016 by CEO Ro Malik and Western New Yorker Dave Carr, and now has 30 full-time employees, most of whom work from Buffalo. Conversion Monster is in the process of purchasing a downtown building, which it will renovate into its new headquarters and sublease to other tenants.

The company has doubled its revenue each year it’s been in business. Carr said Conversion Monster succeeds in taking the vast volume of internet-based residential real estate leads and turning them into a manageable funnel for agents.

Being on the Keller Cloud “doesn’t just put us on the map, it sets the stage for some really big things for us,” Carr said. “You hear about hockey stick growth and startups. I would say we’re about to snap the hockey stick.”

FutuRE Con 2019:

FutuRE Con Winner

Conversion Monster Has Been Named The Pitch Battle Winner At FutuRE, An Invitation-Only Real Estate Technology Pitch Battle. Powered By Keller Williams, The World’s Largest Real Estate Technology Franchise By Agent Count, FutuRE Was Focused On “Where The Next Generation Of Real Estate Begins.”

KW OutFront:

A New Era of Real Estate

KW Technology Grows Stronger with Latest Wave of Innovators

BY KW OutFront  | December 11, 2019

Anyone who wants to build the most powerful technology solution possible for their business must first build a powerful innovation engine. In technology, an innovation engine in its simplest form is a cloud service with artificial intelligence built on top of it.

At Keller Williams, this engine is the Keller Cloud – a specific cloud service ecosystem that leverages the collective power of the largest real estate sales force in the world: KW agents. By putting to work its massive collection of agent, transaction, and client data, Keller Williams has an incredible competitive advantage above anyone else entering the space and can ultimately create new user experiences at lightning speed. Even more, the Keller Cloud is smart, meaning it’s powered by artificial intelligence that is constantly learning and making agents more informed by providing insights within Command.

Built by agents, for agents,Command, a CRM-plus solution, is an open and highly customizable product that allows agents to run their business with unprecedented simplicity and insight. To enhance this already powerful technology and further drive value for agents, Keller Williams has collaborated with leading tech companies such as Google, DocuSign, and Porch through the Keller Cloud Innovator Program (KCIP).

By putting to work its massive collection of agent, transaction, and client data, Keller Williams has an incredible competitive advantage above anyone else entering the space

The program enables the integration of outside technology tools to Command, making way for further customization. All integrations are accessible through the KW MarketPlace – a digital app store containing the products of non-KW developers.

“Like us, our Keller Cloud Innovation Partners are also disruptors attempting to solve the industry’s greatest challenges and drive real estate forward,” says Jeff Tamaru, head of corporate development, Keller Williams.

The Innovation Hub Grows

Today, the Keller Cloud becomes more robust and Command, stronger, with the addition of 10 top-tier innovators – winners voted in by KW agents during a pitch battle at futuRE. Powered by Keller Williams and co-hosted by Lab Coat Agents, the sold-out event focused on “where the next generation of real estate begins” and featured an invitation-only pitch competition where 29 tech companies battled for access into the Keller Williams ecosystem. The group of 29 were selected from an original list of more than 80 companies during a weeklong voting process in November 2019.

“Like us, our Keller Cloud Innovation Partners are also disruptors attempting to solve the industry’s greatest challenges and drive real estate forward.”

“For over 35 years, Keller Williams has cultivated an agent-centric, technology-driven and education-based culture that rewards agents as stakeholders,” shares Tamaru. “FutuRE was another instance of our deep commitment to rewarding our agents and empowering them with choice.”

The first-place and second-place winners received cash prizes totaling $20,000 to celebrate, but the real prize was priority onboarding onto the Keller Cloud ahead of other winners and an opportunity to one day, serve 180,000-plus KW associates and their clients.

The Winners

First place: Conversion Monster – A company of inside sales agents developed technology to provide clients with a superior competitive advantage with internet lead conversion.

Second place: SocialSurvey – Connects users to transaction management systems and automated reviews and review-sharing at scale.

Third place: VlogEasy – Takes the pressure off content creation by automatically editing video footage. Once a user hits record, the technology does the jump-cut editing.

Others include:

  • Agent Operations – Follow Up Boss
  • AI / Predictive Analytics / Automated Value – Likely Sellers
  • Community / Sphere of Influence – Iovox Call Tracking
  • Education / Learning – Keeper Tax – Tax Filing
  • End-to-End Consumer Experience – MooveGuru
  • Lead Generation – Taradel
  • Property Marketing – APP (Automated Property Promotion)

Tamaru concludes, “The goal was to offer up more best-in-class options for agents to choose how they want to run their business on our platform. Looking at the incredible lineup of innovators and winners, we are confident this was achieved.”

Keri Shull Interviews David Car:

Never Miss a Lead

Keri Shull speaks with David Carr of Conversion Monster, a service that can help you convert your internet leads. They discuss how you can optimize the crucial follow-up process, keep your leads happy, and scale your business.

Firepoint Webinar:

New Integration: Conversion Monster + Firepoint

Winner of the futuRE Pitch Battle, Conversion Monster is helping agents win too with their powerful combination of technology and service. Amplify this great solution with the all-new integration with Firepoint.

Lab Coat Agents Webinar:

The Power of Conversion Monster

Lab Coat Agents interviews Ro Malik, CEO of Conversion Monster. In this video, we will talk about leveraging ISAs and automation in your business to increase speed-to-lead and lead conversion.

Brian Icenhower interviews Ro Malik:

Follow Up & Nurturing online leads

Brian Icenhower interviews Conversion Monster Co-Founder Ro Malik about the importance of Lead Follow Up & Nurturing online leads, and how his company performs these services for real estate agents.