Thinking About Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to Handle Sales Calls? Think Again…

Why a CRM is important for a real estate business and how to choose the right CRM system ?Let’s talk about it.


The amount of work that realtors need to accomplish on a daily basis is endless. Realtors who are looking to grow and scale their businesses will often hire a team and delegate various responsibilities. Most realtors focus on hiring a real estate virtual assistant as one of the first members of their team. While this is a great strategy, many realtors make a fatal flaw, they expect their virtual assistants to handle sales in addition to administrative tasks.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Sales Calls

Most virtual assistants are not sales professionals.

A virtual assistant is a fantastic asset to any real estate company. However, they are not adequately trained in real estate sales. It would take a large investment of time, energy and resources to train a virtual assistant on sales. It may end up being more work as you monitor their sales efforts. Ultimately, you may not be satisfied with their performance. 

It is more costly to have a professional real estate virtual assistant handle sales.

Most virtual assistants are paid at an hourly rate. The cost of paying a virtual assistant to handle incoming leads would add up very quickly.

Virtual assistants have limited availability

This corresponds to the cost of having a virtual assistant handling sales. Virtual assistants typically work on a set schedule. However, real estate leads come in all hours of the day, and every day of the week. A virtual assistant will not have the availability to contact every lead within 5 minutes of creation. This lag in follow up will mean that the leads you invested in are going to another realtor.  

What Should a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Do?

It is a great idea to hire a real estate virtual assistant to help with several tasks for your real estate company. Some duties they can take over include:

  • Sending out emails to old clients for referrals.
  • Managing your social media presence.
  • Researching a property’s ownership and deed type.
  • Entering properties on the MLS.
  • Ordering new marketing materials.
  • Communicating with vendors such as appraisers, inspectors, and real estate photographers.

How to Handle Sales Calls Without Utilizing a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

The best way to handle sales calls without the use of a virtual assistant is to enlist the help of a sales professional. An inside sales agent real estate will have years of industry knowledge and the most up to date training. They will be available to contact your leads within 5 minutes, securing them as clients. They will follow up with any leads who are not ready to purchase over 6-12 months and allow you to keep leads that would have slipped through the cracks otherwise.

While it is paramount to hire a great team that will support your real estate goals. You should also focus on developing each team member to meet their strengths as an individual. Respect and appreciate your real estate virtual assistant for all that they do to help your business run smoothly. But leave the sales to the professionals who will be most efficient at the job.

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Alicia Hupprich
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