Restoring life to your old internet leads

15 Attempts to make contact within the first 15 days & 75 total attempts within the first year

The Problem

Frustrating Leads

Have your leads ghosted you? We understand spending time and money on internet leads that go nowhere can be frustrating. This is why we have spent countless hours on R&D to solve the industry's most complex challenges. After analyzing thousands of leads, we have determined the best cadence possible to revive and re-engage your internet leads.

The Solution

Turn Cold Leads into Hot Prospects

We have designed the industry's leading program that will RE-VIVE your old leads with an unmatched, follow up system. Our newly developed cadence was precisely created to re-engage cold leads, turning them into Hot Prospects!

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An Unmatched Lead Re-engagement Service!

All internet lead packages include:

75 Touches Per Lead

Full Team of ISAs

24/7 Coverage

Account Manager

CRM Integrations

Real Time Reporting

Maintain your Branding

Up to a year of Follow Up

Our Process

A combination of Live Phone Calls, Ringless Voicemails, Emails and Text over 12 months.

Live Phone Calls

Live Phone Calls launch within the first few days.

Ringless Voicemail

Voicemail drops a pre-recorded audio message with no ring.


Instantly Messaging Leads As Soon As They Register.


Instantly Emails Leads As Soon As They Register.
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Smart Cadence