Jake Rubach

IT Specialist

Jake works in the IT department, which also encompasses responsibilities as an Onboarding Manager. He’s been an asset to the company in several ways, but to mention one, he was instrumental in designing the logic and coding the Python script that sends out the Weekly Hot Lead reports to clients every Monday morning. He values efficiency and honesty, which translates to his work. If there’s something to be done quickly, look no further! He also is honest about limitations and what is reasonable. Being a “yes” man isn’t what he’s about.

Outside of work, he serves as a full-time minister as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and he’s also going to school part-time to become a full-stack developer.


Monster Alter Ego

The Weeping Angels

If Jake were a monster, he would be The Weeping Angels. Jake relates to the weeping angels because for some of the people skills that he possesses, he is naturally shy and a bit socially awkward. Relating to IT as well, they work quickly in the background, usually without too much notice. At the end of the day, don’t underestimate what can be done if you turn your back… 

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