Joshua Fox

Director of Leadership & Development

Joshua is the Leadership and Development Director. He has 18 years of leadership developed through the Army. He was in the Infantry for 12 years and in Recruiting for nine years. He has a history of taking underperforming teams and developing them as top performers. He has a Bachelor of Science in Management which he completed while serving.  His background in the Infantry and Recruiting for the Army allows him to see obstacles from a different perspective.  

Monster Alter Ego


If Joshua were a monster, he would be Goliath the Gargoyle. Goliath is known for his fierce devotion to his clan and his integrity. Josh shares those attributes. As a leader Goliath relies on the strengths of his clan members and his elders to become better. He constantly grows and builds up those around him. There is no challenge too great for Goliath. Unlike Goliath, Josh does not turn to stone during the day but shares Goliath’s expectation for discipline and ownership of one’s misdoings.

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