Liz Wertz

Team lead

Liz is always here to help her team flourish and grow to their best potential! She is proud to accomplish so much so early. Liz has worked her way up into management at the early age of 19 and constantly pushes herself to guide and help others. She values a strong work ethic to ensure our clients are provided quality work and assure our ISAs are having fun while doing so! When Liz is outside of work, she spends her time chasing her toddler and two dogs while always keeping an eye on her team. Liz is constantly staying in touch with her team of Inside Sales Agents. If called upon, she is there instantly to offer her assistance. She is always sneaking in and popping up at the most unsuspected times, ready to help and guide her ISAs.


Monster Alter Ego

Conversion Monster Ghost of help

If Liz were a monster, she would be our Conversion Monster Ghost of help! Do not let her catch you fooling around, or she might give you a real fright!

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Having trouble? click here