Megan has been integral in the growth of Operations to keep up with the needs of our expanding company. She has created and developed processes and procedures that have assisted with the quadrupling of our business since opening in 2015. She is a multitasking extraordinaire, organizer, and efficiency leader that has helped bring our team to its highest level of production to date.

Outside of work she likes to spend time outside with family and her dog, Enzo, and has a newfound love of houseplants.


Monster Alter Ego


If Megan were a monster she would be Maleficent. As protector of the Moors and all its inhabitants, Maleficent has the strength of will to lead and get the job done, much like Megan when leading our Monsters to our highest opportunity ratings to date. Just don’t let her catch you slacking… or it’s the spinning wheel for you!

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