What is a Real Estate Inside Sales Agent (ISA)?

At Conversion Monster, an ISA is a professional real estate sales assistant who is trained by industry experts licensed in real estate. They are tasked to actively convert, and nurture leads from first contact until a qualifying event, sale or transaction occurs. An ISA is more than just an administrative real estate assistant, their goal is to engage and nurture each lead generated using protocols that are measured and reported to increase conversion rates.

Conversion Monster manages a team of on-demand Inside Sales Agents for real estate agents. Different from other real estate services, or a real estate virtual assistant, we are live, professionally trained sales agents who engage and create relationships needed to convert leads into prospects and prospects into sales.

Conversion Monster will be a part of your corporate real estate team that establishes lead contact by calling within 5 minutes and emailing and texting. This allows you to focus your time on the highest yielding activities, while we nurture leads through their entire lifecycle.

Why Use a Real Estate Inside Sales Agent?

Using an ISA real estate is a crucial step to achieving the next level of success with your real estate sales. After spending valuable dollars and efforts generating leads, you must then nurture each lead that you get. The better the nurture process, the more the needle moves to connect you with top prospects. If you are available to hot-link to a hot prospect, that’s great!  If not, we will coordinate an appointment for you, confirm it and then send a reminder to you and the lead.

Utilizing real estate ISA companies saves agents time and money and lowers the risk of hiring the wrong team members. While outsourcing is difficult, hiring, interviewing, and training an ISA in real estate is a lengthy and demanding process that with the wrong protocols can turn out to be much more expensive.

Many ISA firms charge by the hour or by commission. We can prove to you that Conversion Monster packages will be 70-80% less expensive than hiring an employee for your real estate company.

Benefits of Using Conversion Monster

  • We hire, train and live-monitor our ISAs. They are the most professional real estate sales agent assistants in the industry. Our ISA’s are always kept up to date with industry news and sales training.
  • No lead gets lost. Unlike any other real estate ISA company, Conversion Monsters ISA’s will maintain contact with leads for a minimum of 12 months, maintaining a connected relationship with potential clients until they are ready to buy or sell.
  • Our ISA’s are available 7 days a week going beyond business hours. Our ISA’s are able to contact leads immediately with this availability while you may not be available.
  • Conversion Monster ISA’s use a proven 10-day cadence that is personalized, sophisticated, provides clear and relevant information and is not intrusive.
  • Communication with every lead starts with friendly, pleasing voice during a live call or a live voice mail if the lead is unavailable.
  • The highest level of service is provided to each and every lead. This consistency in contact and service will mean more qualified leads ready to work with you.