How to Substantially Increase your Zillow Answer Rate

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It’s no secret- Zillow has the most expensive internet leads out there. Agents invest thousands each month into getting high quality leads from Zillow. Recently there has been a lot of changes with how Zillow is distributing leads to agents.  Agents may be wondering why they aren’t seeing the same returns on Zillow leads without understanding these changes. Let’s take a look at how to adapt to these changes and increase your Zillow answer rate.

Understanding Zillow’s New Process

Traditionally, Zillow would send out a lead to all of the subscribed agents within that zip code. From there it was a race for all of the agents to contact that lead first.

Currently, Zillow has changed the way they send out leads. When a lead is submitted to Zillow, they call the lead first, they do a pre-screening before transferring a call to the agent. Zillow first calls the agent with the highest answer rate and will work down their list until an agent picks up.

While this new process may seem off-putting, it is still wise to invest in Zillow leads.

  • Zillow leads are some of the warmest leads on the internet.
  • Typically, the leads aren’t already working with an agent. If they had an agent, they wouldn’t be looking on Zillow, they’d be looking at properties being sent to them by their agent.
  • Most Zillow leads are ready to buy or sell within three months. They don’t ask for information on properties if they still have a year until they sell.

How You Can Get the Most out of  Zillow Leads

Spending thousands of dollars each month on leads is no small investment. Utilize these strategies to increase your Zillow answer rate.

  1. Be consistent on answering incoming calls from Zillow, the higher your answer rate, the more leads that will be sent your way.
  2. Zillow’s algorithm also favors the amount each agent is paying for their leads. The higher the package you subscribe to, the more leads that will be sent your way.

The difficult part of increasing your Zillow answer rate is having the availability to pick up the inbound calls. If you are with a client and receive a lead transfer from Zillow, you are stuck with an impossible decision. You don’t want to step away from the client to take a call, but you don’t want to risk losing the client either. Whatever decision you make, you are letting someone down.

How Conversion Monster Will Increase Your Zillow Answer Rate

Our inside sales agents can save you time, money and leads. We are the only inside sales agency that has the capability of accepting incoming calls from Zillow. Our agents are ready 75 hours a week to pick up the phone and accept Zillow transfers.

Our inside sales agents consistently transfer 30% of the leads we receive from Zillow. Additionally, our agents make 17 touches in the first 10 days of receiving the leads.

Get the biggest return on investment by steadily increasing your Zillow answer rate. The number of leads sent to you will increase with each call you accept. Give us a call if you want to have an agent standing by ready to accept calls from Zillow.

Ready to scale your real estate business?

Let us show you first hand how Conversion Monster can help you scale your business.

Alicia Hupprich
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