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What is a Real Estate Inside Sales Agent (ISA)?

At Conversion Monster, an ISA is a professional real estate sales assistant who is trained by industry experts licensed in real estate. They are tasked to actively convert, and nurture leads from first contact until a qualifying event, sale or transaction occurs. An ISA is more than just an administrative real estate assistant, their goal is to engage and nurture each lead generated using protocols that are measured and reported to increase conversion rates.


We Claw, You Close

Research proves an immediate response is necessary for the highest conversion rates in Real Estate.

Conversion Monster is your Inside Sales Force that establishes contact within 5 minutes by calling, emailing and texting, allowing you to focus your time on the highest yielding activities, while we nurture leads through their entire lifecycle.


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No Employees to Hire, Supervise,
Manage, or Maintain.

Your leads are contacted immediately and nurtured until they’re ready to buy or sell.

The highest level of service given
to every lead.

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