6 Compelling Real Estate Templates and Scripts for Maximum Engagement

Why a CRM is important for a real estate business and how to choose the right CRM system ?Let’s talk about it.


Engaging with clients and prospects is critical in real estate. But constantly creating customized emails and social media posts is time-consuming. The solution? Develop templates for common communications that you can tailor while maintaining a consistent brand. 

In this post, I’ll share 6 templates that every agent should have ready to go. Whether you need to: 

  • Respond to buyer inquiries 
  • Follow up with sellers after a showing 
  • Share new listings Or more… 

These templates will save you time composing messages from scratch. They provide a solid structure you can quickly adapt with specifics. And using templates allows you to focus on personalization while projecting professionalism. 

This ensures you always have effective collateral ready to educate and engage clients. While showcasing your expertise and the outstanding service they can expect. 

So if you want to boost engagement without the headaches of starting from zero, these 6 real estate templates are just what you need! Read on to add them to your toolbox and use them to communicate like a pro. 

Just Listed Email

The “Just Listed” email is vital to capitalize quickly when you get a new property listing. Have a template ready to customize that highlights the address, beds/baths, features and showing details. Note it’s a fresh listing to spark immediate buyer interest. This ready-to-go template allows instant promotion to buyer prospects so you can convert while the property is most in-demand. 

Open House Invite: 

Have an Open House Invite template on standby to instantly promote upcoming events. Personalize with listing address, time, highlights like renovations, and contact info then add an enticing photo. Mention refreshments visitors can enjoy. This polished template lets you spotlight each event, draw more visitors in, and build valuable in-person time with potential buyers. Use it to maximize your open house ROI. 

Price Reduction Alert 

When you cut a listing price, buyers must know ASAP. Have a ready-to-fire Price Reduction Alert template to capitalize on the urgency of fresh value. Customize by inserting the address, lowered price, features, and updated market comparisons. Keep wording urgent – the new price won’t last! Send immediately so buyers act now before the next buyer does. 

Just Sold Email: 

Quickly announcing sold listings builds credibility that you can close deals. Keep a Just Sold template ready highlighting the address, sales price, stats like days on market, and an appealing photo. Share competitive bidding details like multiple offers or over asking price to compel buyers to secure listings while inventory lasts. Promptly sending after closing casts you as the agent sealing deals buyers want to work with to beat other offers. Use it to drive that you deliver results even when the sold sign goes up! 

Mortgage Rate Update 

Rates swinging lower or higher impact budgets so keep a Mortgage Rate Update template on hand. Customize with the new average 30-year rate, projections if it will hold, and next best steps, like getting pre-approved while rates are down. If rising, state still historically low versus decades past, but that may change. Share timely as both decreasing and increasing rates compel buyers to connect now before the math pencils differently. Use it to prompt action amid rate shifts. 

Market Update

The real estate market update template provides a snapshot of current housing market conditions across various metrics relevant to home buyers and sellers. It includes updated average home prices, the number of homes sold, pending sales, months of inventory, and days on market to give readers a quick sense of the state of the local market. By gathering key statistics and information in one place, the real estate market update template delivers a concise overview of vital housing data on a periodic basis. This allows recipients to stay up-to-date on market shifts in their area.

Having these six customizable templates at the ready will make client communication efficient while still personal. Whether announcing a new or sold listing, sharing mortgage updates, or promoting events, pre-built templates enable delivering the right messaging fast. This allows focusing on customizing each message with specific details and a personal touch. Equip yourself with ready-made yet adaptable emails so you can respond rapidly when opportunities arise like new listings or rate drops. 

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Viviana Grisales

Marketing Specialist

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