Carly Hauhuth

Client Success Manager

Carly works closely with clients daily to ensure they’re receiving the most top-quality service. She was a top-performing ISA that worked hard to climb the professional ladder, now kicking butt in the client relations department! She is very passionate about Conversion Monster and the services we provide. She believes her communication skills and ability to relate to and understand her client’s needs make her a reliable resource to them.

Carly is also the funniest person on earth! As a born and raised Long Islander, she enjoys spending her summer days at the beach, discovering new spots to eat in New York City, and spending time with her friends and family. She is a mama to the sweetest French Bulldog that has ever lived, which can be a job all on its own!


Monster Alter Ego

Female Titan

If Carly were a monster, she would be a Female Titan from Attack on Titan. She has tough skin, works hard, and attracts those similar to her. She also is a caring friend and colleague!

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