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Best Ways for Realtors to Convert Internet Leads

convert internet leads

Obtaining an internet lead and obtaining a new client are two very different things. Obviously, the goal of every internet lead is to gain their trust and business. How can that be achieved in a saturated market of agents looking for new clients? Implement these strategies to retain and convert internet leads into paying clients.  

Provide Value to Internet Leads

The best way to convert internet leads is to provide value to them. They are already interested in the services you offer, hence why they reached out to you. Now they need to know what value you can bring to their real estate transaction. Offer clients resources to stand out in their mind and differentiate yourself from other agents. This will allow you to present yourself as an expert who is always willing and eager to help. Go beyond offering the standard local market report and comparative market analysis. Almost all agents will provide this to potential clients.

Some examples of resources to send out:

  • A PDF with the top staging tips for listing a house.
  • A list of home improvements that yield the highest resale value.
  • An e-book on how to get the best mortgage loan.

Use Video Emails

Another great strategy to convert internet leads is to send out video emails. A video email is as simple as it sounds, it is an email with a video inside of it. Video emails capture the interest of the internet lead and show them how serious you are about obtaining their business.

Some tips to maximize the emails you send:

  • Make the video about the client, not yourself. They can read all about your business on your website.
  • Try to make this video personal. Record a video for each prospective client and address them by name.
  • Keep the videos short, around 2-3 minutes long.

Hire an Inside Sales Agent

By far, the most effective way to convert internet leads is to hire an inside sales agent. These skilled sales professionals are the quickest and most dependable way to have a high lead conversion rate. An inside sales agent will nurture your leads from the moment they are submitted until they are ready to buy or sell a home. They will be the first to contact the lead in order to maximize on the statistic of over 70% of clients working with the first agent who contacts them. An inside sales agent will do more than just qualify leads, they will follow up with leads continually over months. They will build an authentic relationship with leads that don’t make clients feel as though they are being “sold” to.

There are many different approaches to take in order to convert internet leads. However, many have been cheapened by agents who aren’t looking to bring value to clients and are just looking to close a sale. Try these strategies to set yourself apart from other agents and to gain the attention of incoming prospects. Make a small investment of time and effort to make some resources for clients and personalize videos that will engage them. Make a small investment into hiring an inside sales agent, and see a return of over 300% as they turn your leads into clients who are ready to buy or sell. Utilize these strategies and watch your lead conversion rate substantially increase.

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