Why Every Successful Realtor Needs An Inside Sales Agent

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The question on every realtor’s mind is, how do I convert leads into actual business? The exponential growth and expansion of smart technology have changed the real estate business. Prospective clients are now searching for homes right at their fingertips through their smartphones. This gives agents access to a wider audience, but it also gives buyers quick access to a multitude of agents in their area. How do you capture these potential leads? How do you determine what buyers are serious now, or need to be revisited in another 6-12 month? More importantly, how do you nurture these leads without taking your time away from selling homes to your current clients? That’s where your inside sales agent comes in.

What is an Inside Sales Agent?

An inside sales agent real estate (ISA) is a professionally trained and licensed salesperson with expert knowledge in the real estate industry. They are representatives who will take the burden of lead conversion off your plate, and maintain contact with leads until they are ready to act.

Some responsibilities they take on are:

  • Reaching out to internet leads within a designated time frame after an inquiry has been made.
  • Speaking with potential clients and determining where they are in the sales process, essentially scrubbing the leads.
  • Scheduling appointments for leads that are ready to act now.
  • Keeping in contact with leads until they are ready to buy or sell.

You may be asking yourself, why would I hire an inside sales agent when I can perform all of these tasks myself? The answer is that every successful real estate agent should have an inside sales agent. They will bring your business to another level and allow you to focus your time an energy on selling homes. The following are examples of who you need an inside sales agent.

They Retain Internet Leads

An inside sales agent is standing by, ready to make contact with your internet leads as soon as they come in. They reach out to the clients while they are still looking at your website.

Research has shown that an internet lead that isn’t contacted quickly and efficiently is a client lost. Having an inside sales agent prepared to reach out to potential clients makes it so that you never lose a lead again.

In addition, many internet leads come from clients who are not quite ready to buy or sell. An ISA will keep in touch with these leads over time and retain their business when they are ready to be actively engaged in the market. Without an ISA maintaining a relationship with these leads over time, they would be lost.

They Save You Time

Time is such a precious commodity that most successful agents do not have enough of. There are many moving parts to running a successful real estate business; all of which require an investment of time and money. Converting leads into sales can be the most costly and time-consuming feat. Having an ISA ready to contact leads, follow up with them and maintain a relationship with them, all while you are concentrating your efforts on your clients.

They Increase Your Sales

Research has been showing that agents receive up to 300% return on investment with an ISA. Inside sales agents are highly skilled at what they do. Their professional knowledge and persuasion skills turn the coldest of leads into business. They do their sales job through phone and email all while you are out showing homes and attending closings. You can be fully invested in the client you are with and know that sales calls are still being made. It is impossible to sell as many homes without them. Their expertise and physical manpower allow you to keep working while knowing that you’ll have another lead converted and coming your way.

Serves as a Marketing Tool

One of the best ways to continually grow your real estate business is through word of mouth marketing. Your ISA helps you retain your internet leads and brings you more clients. After you’ve provided excellent service to these clients they are happy to recommend you to friends and family. This turns into marketing you don’t even need to pay for, increasing your return on investment from your ISA even further.

The research proves that inside sales agents are the key to running a successful real estate business. Are you ready to increase your sales each month without increasing the amount of time you are working? An inside sales agent will result in tripling your sales and being a top industry earner. Find out how Conversion Monster can be a part of the process of reaching your sales goals.

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Alicia Hupprich
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