How ISA’s Handle Inbound Leads When Agents and Lenders Partner

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If there is one true fact in real estate, it is that both realtors and mortgage professionals must work together to help homebuyers make their dreams of homeownership a reality.  Agents and lenders will always need each other to get their job done.

We have some ideas on how to maximize the agent lender relationship as it pertains internet leads and referrals.  When it comes to sourcing qualified leads for realtors, an inside sales agent real estate should be discussing lending when appropriate with motivated buyers. Because, let’s face it, a lead isn’t a fully qualified lead until they are pre-approved for a mortgage or have their lender relationship in place.

Here’s how our team of inside sales agents connect agents and lenders while speaking with leads…

How Inside Sales Agents Approach Lending

When an inside sales agent is on a call with a lead they cover each aspect needed in order to qualify the lead. In their conversation, they address when the lead is looking to buy or sell a home, and what their preparedness is for doing so.  Inevitably, the inside sales agent is available to discuss their budget and whether or not they are pre-approved.

Lending topics an inside sale agent covers:

  •  Preferred Lenders.
  • The importance of speaking with a mortgage professional prior to starting the home buying process.
  • General questions regarding the mortgage process and their experience.
  • The necessary information in order to apply for a mortgage with encouragement to get started.
  • That expertise is available for more in-depth conversations as they search for the right home.

Your inside sales agent will save a great deal of time by covering certain lending topics with qualified leads. They will also be able to ‘disqualify’ any leads who are not ready financially to purchase a home.

How an Inside Sales Agent Benefits Both Agents and Lenders

The relationship between agents and lenders has always been mutually beneficial. An inside sales agent helps both sides realize those benefits. Here are some ways an inside sales agent helps both the agent and lender.

Benefits for Agents:

  • Only sending over leads that are qualified in every way.
  • Saving time by having the “financing” conversation in advance.
  • Building lasting relationships with lenders who continually refer qualified leads their way.
  • Cost splitting with the lenders, saving time and money on lead gen. 

Benefits for Lenders:

  • They get hot leads from qualified buyers.
  •  Cost splitting saving on lead gen.
  • Having a strong pipeline relationship in multiple zip codes expanding their circle of influence.

Don’t catch yourself working with clients that think they are starring on an episode of House Hunters. Only to find out months later that they cannot meet minimum borrowing standards with a pre-qualification.  Use our highly skilled inside sales agents to send you qualified leads that are ready to buy a home both personally and financially.

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Alicia Hupprich
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